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Why didn't I receive a notification before it rained?

There are a number of factors that determine if a notification will be sent, some common ones are:
  • Not enough rain - the rain needs to be heavy enough and fall for long enough to trigger an alert. For example a 1 minute light shower probably won't trigger an alert.
  • Continuing rain - if there has only been a short period of dry weather between rain falling then we won't send another alert.
  • Uncertainty - if we are not sure that it will rain then we won't send an alert.
  • Difficult conditions - predicting the rain can be very tricky, so there are times when we just don't get it right. We are constantly working on our algorithms to make sure this a rare event.
There are settings in the app to adjust some of these parameters, so you can customise the alert frequency and conditions.
If you are finding that the app is consistently having issues predicting the rain in your area please let us know so we can improve our systems.

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