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Why did I get a notification of rain when it didn't rain?

Predicting the rain is hard! There are number of factors that can mean the incoming rain detected by the app never falls at your location. 
  • Virga - this is a phenomenon where the rain evaporates before reaching the ground and is surprisingly common. The radar detects the rain at quite a height above the ground so there is plenty of time in the hotter months for the rain to evaporate before reaching you.
  • Storm changes - the rain pattern does evolve and change as it moves, and it may simply stop before it gets to you. 
  • Radar noise - the modern rain radar is a fantastic piece of technology, but it can suffer from issues such as interference, reflections, shadows and calibration issues. These can combine to give false readings, although we try our best to detect and appropriately handle these.  
  • Local topography - you may be in an area that is shielded from incoming storms, such as on the leeward side of a mountain or hill, or where other local topography affects rainfall.   
  • Bushfires and smoke - this will show up on the rain radar as rain.
You can adjust how sensitive the app is before an alert is sent in the settings. If you are getting consistent false readings then you should increase the amount of rain is required for an alert is sent.

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